GPS Integration for Odoo fleet

Possibilities and Advantages


Manage your fleet efficiently

How it works?

You can use either a GPS tracker or a mobile device with our custom app installed. A server will need to be setup with our tracking software to collect GPS data from your configured devices. We recommend that you install the tracking software on the same server that Odoo is hosted. You can then add your devices in Odoo and link them with the right vehicles for tracking. Odoo uses the tracking server to collect GPS information regarding the devices at regular intervals (every 30 seconds or so). If you need to a see list of supported GPS devices, click here.

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A full fledged GPS tracking module for Odoo

Tracking using Openstreet Maps                             

Get visual GPS locations for vehicles in Odoo using Openstreet maps.

Trip Reports                                

A powerful report to help you understand trips, distances, speed, origin and destination addresses.

Geo fencing, Violations and POI Alerts                                

Create and manage geo fences, point of interests in Odoo and get notified of violations or proximities to POI.

Automated odometer and theoretical fuel consumption                                

Odometer readings are automatically updated based on distance covered by the vehicle and the approximate fuel consumption per trip is calculated.

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